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We're a truly global University

Discover how we're growing our reputation as an international institution in every corner of the planet

Portsmouth is our home, but our reach and ambitions have always been global. As a port city, we’re open to adventure and prepared to explore the world.

We’re home to over 4000 international students from 150 countries. We take our belief in higher education for all to every corner of the planet, through our network of regional offices in 78 countries, and our academic partnerships across Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

From Greece and Hong Kong to Oman and Singapore, we also partner with local colleges and institutions on courses in architecture, biochemistry, graphic design, accountancy and all types of engineering – civil, software, marine, aeronautical and mechanical. Through our strategic global partnerships, we validate many courses and programmes too.

We’re always expanding our global reach, but our worldwide outlook starts at home – together with International College Portsmouth (ICP) and the Navitas Ltd Australia group, we’ve established a pathway for students abroad to get a University of Portsmouth degree.

Sharing our global vision

Our international profile, presence and reputation is growing all the time. In everything we do, we’re developing a global mindset, and getting a better understanding of how we work in a global environment.

At a time when the global climate is uncertain and changing, we’re developing a strong international focus and awareness in our staff and students. In doing so, we’re creating a culture that offers new opportunities and challenges for future generations of staff and students.

Our global vision

Our ambition is to grow our profile as a truly global institution with a diverse international community, and a track record of worldwide collaboration in research, teaching and innovation. We want our students to be global graduates, who take the skills they’ve learned to every corner of the planet.

Over the next three years, we’ll be expanding our collaborative links and entering strategic alliances with high-quality partners who share our values and mission. We’ll also continue pursuing opportunities to enhance the global profile, reach, standing and status of our research and teaching.

We’ll expand our global communities of learners through transnational education (TNE) with key strategic partners. We'll provide opportunities for worldwide access to a Portsmouth education through digital delivery.

In doing so, we’ll give our on-campus students access to global communities through exchange programmes, internships, placements, volunteering and digital collaboration.

Our international footprint 

We’re growing our international footprint and reach through new strategic collaborations and opportunities around the world. To grow our international presence and reputation, we will:

  • Seek opportunities to work with high-quality partners across the world
  • Match our academic and research strengths with complementary overseas institutions
  • Recruit the best students from countries we identify in our international recruitment and marketing strategy – so we can mitigate any effect the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union may have on student recruitment
  • Make Portsmouth degrees available to off-campus students in international locations, by developing and expanding strategic partnerships that add value to emerging economies
  • Deliver exacting quality standards and student experience in all our overseas programmes
  • Become a partner of choice for transnational education (TNE) in strategic markets
  • Develop, nurture and sustain relationships with our partners as key stakeholders for mutual benefit
  • Support the continuing growth of pathway colleges, such as the International College Portsmouth (ICP), that feed into programmes at the University

Supporting international research

We’ll support and enhance our global research and innovation activities together with our cross-disciplinary themes. To do this, we will:

  • Establish international research collaborations that address key global issues
  • Work with the best overseas researchers and research institutions to enhance and complement our research and innovation strengths
  • Expand opportunities and support for academic staff and students to engage in research and innovation at a global level
  • Support the growth of our international postgraduate research and professional doctorate student population
  • Collaborate with our global partners to support the development of staff and mutual exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Support and develop our staff to develop international bids for research and innovation funding
  • Communicate the impact of our research to our key international audiences

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