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​Our Teaching and learning spaces

Find out more about our teaching spaces and learning facilities, and the equipment available to our students, researchers and partners

Our teaching and learning spaces are essential to developing the knowledge, experience, and critical-thinking skills our students need to succeed in their studies, and in their careers after graduating.

Across all our subject areas and faculties, we're continuing to invest in new learning spaces and technologies that give our students valuable experiences using the same tools and methods that they'll use in their chosen profession.

Whether it's learning live broadcast practices, caring for the elderly in their own homes, or analysing financial markets using real-time data, our teaching spaces and learning expertise are designed to help students get the most from their time with us.

Our specialist facility staff and technicians are always happy to help students through using the equipment available, as well as offering technical guidance their coursework and projects. Much of our equipment and many of our rooms are open access, so students are free to visit and work at a time that suits them, while other equipment and spaces can be booked in advance.

Featured teaching and learning spaces


Architecture Studios

Our Architecture Studios are open-plan, flexible learning spaces that give students the environment and tools to prepare for their architecture career.

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Bloomberg suite

Monitor and analyse real-time financial market data and place trades at our Bloomberg Suite.

Business Simulation Suite

Our Business Simulation Suite is a flexible technologically-enhanced learning facility that can transform into a mock boardroom, a classroom, and more.

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Childhood play and development facilities

Acquire professional skills in areas such as early childhood education, early years teaching, occupational therapy, play therapy, psychology and social work.

Crime Scene Simulation Facility

Students from courses such as Criminology & Forensic Studies can put their skills into practice in our Crime Scene Simulation Facility.

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Design Studio and Modelling Workshop

Our Design Studio & Modelling Workshop enables civil engineering, construction management & surveying students to create designs & models.

Digital Language Laboratories

Our Digital language labs offer multimedia language-learning where video, sound, text and internet sources can be integrated & manipulated on screen.

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Eldon Production Centre

Explore our hub for art and design using wood, metal, plastics, polyurethane, concrete and plaster.

Eldon TV studios

Learn and work using professional equipment with an active team in our live broadcast environment.

Environmental Technology Field Station

Our environmental technology field station is a teaching & research facility featuring a Southern Water treatment facility & an environmental chemistry laboratory.

Etching and letterpress facilities

These specialist printing facilities are used by students of illustration, graphic design & creative writing.

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Fabric workshop and sewing room

Create, design and work with textiles and fashion in our fabric workshop and sewing room.

Future Technology Centre

The Future Technology Centre offers students, researchers & partners a collaborative, hands-on learning environment with open spaces to run experiments, debate & explore ideas. Find out how.

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Interpreting Training Suite

Our Interpreter Training Suite helps students improve their language skills faster, and develop the skills required for careers in interpreting & translating.

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The University of Portsmouth Library supports solo studying to group work & research projects – and stays open 24 hours a day during term time, with space for study & work of all kinds.

Life Drawing Studio

Our Life Drawing Studio is a space for students, academics & the public to practice their drawing skills for their coursework, projects, or just for fun.

Lightbox suite

Our lightbox suite gives you the chance to create animations with equipment & software used by the likes of Disney and Laika.

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MPhys workroom

Our dedicated, well resourced, private physics study area for second year, final year and Masters students.

Maths Café

Get help and assistance on any maths-related problems, whatever course you're studying.

Motion Capture Studio

Learn how to use the same professional motion capture equipment used in VR, game design and film.

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Our Newsroom is where our journalism and media students can use the same digital tools as news professionals, to develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

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Open Access Suite

Our Open Access Suite is the central study space for students of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

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Pharmacy and Biomedical Science Teaching Centre

Work collaboratively with your fellow students and practise advising patients, dispensing medicines and carrying out physical assessments.

Photography Studios and Darkrooms

Our extensive photography facilities allow students to put learning into practice and get creative using high-end professional equipment. Find out more.

Print workshops

Get hands-on & learn screen printing techniques in our well equipped print workshops.

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Replica Courtroom

A replica of a Crown Court used in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

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Screening Room

The Screening Room in our Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries is a professionally-equipped cinema space for students and the public.

Sound Recording Studios

Our industry-standard recording and mixing technology helps students prepare for careers including music production and studio engineering.

Student Workshop and Advanced Manufacturing Lab

The tools and expertise available to help you complete practical projects and learn more about fabrication.

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Technology Enhanced Active Learning

Our TEAL room encourages interactive learning in small groups and is supported by technology that makes studying constructive and enjoyable.

The 3rd Space

The 3rd Space is a communal social & learning space where students can relax, meet with friends & work together in a casual environment.

The Centre for Simulation in Health and Care

Spanning 3 buildings across campus, this centre is designed for students to learn in a safe, contextual space using current clinical equipment in modern healthcare environments.

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Virtual Reality Lab

Our Virtual Reality Lab is packed with the latest immersive and interactive technologies used by the fast-moving VR industry.

Video editing suite

Our Video Editing Suite provides a space for video editors to work on their films and videos, from basic editing to long-form projects requiring finishing and/or colour grading.

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Wacom Studio

Our Wacom Studio is a perfect location for digital illustration, image editing, 3D animation, digital sculpting and other design work.

White Swan Building

The White Swan Building is our creative hub for drama, theatre and performance, developed in partnership with the New Theatre Royal.