The Architecture Studios are located over 3 floors in Eldon Building, the home of our Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI). The studios have 10 open-plan, flexible learning spaces, where students engage in tutored learning, and individual and group work.

Multiple 'studios' or groups use these spaces at the same time, and they're designed to encourage a studio culture of collaboration, creativity and dialogue in the design process.

Equipment and amenities

  • 3D printers so that you can produce scale models of buildings or parts of buildings from your designs
  • Computer-aided design tools – such as Autodesk Revit – for building information modelling (BIM), which uses digital images to show physical and functional characteristics
  • Software applications like Insight and Grasshopper with Ladybug – to assess a building's energy performance and environmental impact
  • Open-access PCs and printers
  • Wall-mounted digital screens for presentations
  • Storage space for models and course materials
  • Open work areas, informal social spaces and kitchen facilities for a comfortable study environment

Where to find us

Architecture Studios

Eldon Building West
University of Portsmouth
Winston Churchill Avenue

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