I am a Professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Business and Law (part-time appointment). I am also the Research Lead for the Marketing Subject Group and the Editor-in-Chief of Psychology & Marketing (3 ABS).

My research, teaching, and industry specialisms are in the field of service marketing and hospitality management. 

I have published and reviewed widely for top journals in my field, such as the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Retailing, the International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Service Research (4* and 4 ABS journals in Marketing). 

I now sit on the Editorial Boards of Tourism Management (4 ABS), Journal of Travel Research (4 ABS), Journal of Business Research (3 ABS), International Journal of Hospitality Management (3 ABS), and Journal of Services Marketing (2 ABS). I am also one of the Associate Editors of Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS).

I enjoy supervising Ph.D. students and early career researchers who aspire to an academic career and have a passion for research. The outcome of such collaborations (i.e., where Ph.D. students are first authors) has appeared in journals like the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Advertising and Industrial Marketing Management (3 ABS journals).

I am the Academic Lead of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Fresh Relevance, a B2B company focusing on artificial intelligence in Marketing (total value of the bid £ 221.875). I have also participated in projects financed by the European Commission on food science.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the areas of pricing, consumer decision-making, and online reputation. Methodologically, I enjoy both quantitative studies and conducting field experiments. My approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on economics, management, and psychology.

My current research interests include:

  • The reasons behind the success of the so-called “sharing economy”
  • New participative pricing mechanisms
  • The impact of dynamic price variability on revenue maximisation
  • Understanding decision making processes in retailing and consumer services
  • Behavioural pricing in marketing

I am interested in supervising new doctoral students doing work close to the above-indicated areas.

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach marketing analytics and marketing strategy at PG level. I also lead units on research methods at PhD level. I have contributed to the development of new international agreements in Italy and in Spain, including Ramon Llull University and Università della Valle d'Aosta.