As the Innovation Fellow at the CEI, I'm focused on "taking plastic-eating enzymes our of the lab to eat real-life plastic". If you're interested in partnering with the Centre for Enzyme Innovation to achieve the mission of delivering transformative enzyme-enabled solutions for the circular recycling of plastics, please get in contact with me by phone or email. I can support your organisation in identifying solutions that CEI enzymes and processes could help in solving, in particular if you are interested in working towards greater sustainability and implenting circular economies. I can also advise on potential routes to enable partnerships with the CEI. We have many exciting emerging opportunities in the innovation at the CEI, including the launch of our Industrial Engagement Hub in 2022, which I am happy to share. 


I joined the Centre for Enzyme Innovation at University of Portsmouth in April 2020, following a varied career in research and innovation roles. I started out as a research scientist in molecular microbiology and genomics at Public Health England and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Followed more recently by roles at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) focused on engaging with suppliers and customers to deliver & exploit cutting-edge research and innovation for Defence purposes. I am driven on enhancing the impact and innovation of research outputs by industry and wider sectors, ensuring that society fully benefit from research outcomes. At the CEI, this means "taking the enzymes out of the lab to tackle real-life plastic"

As the dedicated Innovation Fellow at the Centre for Enzyme Innovation, I focus on the following areas:

•Developing and managing CEI partnerships with industry and third sector organisations; developing projects/programmes of research and innovation activites and consulting on innovation opportunities

•Leading on establishing the CEI Innovation Suite (due for launch in 2022), the focus point in the CEI industrial engagement hub for enhancing our engagement with current and future partners

•Leading the development of new activities that enhance the ability and capacity of the CEI to work with our  partners

There are plenty of opportunities for prospective partners to get involved with the CEI and benefit from our research and innovation in "plastic-eating enzymes". I am available to discuss any of these options (and others) further:

  • Industry-acadaemia PhD's
  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • Use/hire of our facilities
  • Grant-funded research collaborations
  • Research contracting
  • Consultancy in bio-recycling/biotechnology
  • KTP's
  • Research Staff Exchanges and Secondments
  • Networking and workshops