I am the University of Portsmouth’s Director of Academic Support Services (International Security) at Royal Air Force (RAF) College, Cranwell. I lead the University of Portsmouth team at Cranwell and have oversight for the academic component of the Initial Officer Training Course, as well as a number of other courses. I also have responsibility for building and enhancing partnerships with external organisations in the areas of air power, international security, military history and professional military education. I am currently a member of the editorial board of the journal Air Power Review.


My career has been a mixture of working in universities and professional military education around the world. I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2015. Prior to joining the University of Portsmouth, I was a Lecturer in Strategy and Operations at the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Command and Staff College and an NZDF Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University. I have also taught at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

Research Interests

My research interests are based on the study of historical and contemporary military operations. In particular, I specialise in the conduct of multinational operations, with a particular focus on those conducted since the Second World War. I have published a book on multinational cooperation between the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal Navy and the United States Navy from the Korean War to the 2003 Iraq War, entitled The Dynamics of Coalition Naval Warfare: The Special Relationship at Sea (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017). I have also published on a range of topics, including amphibious warfare, interoperability, naval warfare (particularly naval gunfire support) and professional military education. My research has examined a range of case studies, including: the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, the Vietnam War, the Falklands Conflict and the Iraq War. This research has appeared in various journals, including: War in History, Small Wars and Insurgencies, The RUSI Journal, Mariner’s Mirror and Naval War College Review.

My current research projects include an examination of multinational air power and an analysis of RAF operations throughout the history of the service.

  • Air power
  • Naval power
  • Multinational military operations
  • Professional military education

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach on a variety of courses for the RAF, including the Initial Officer Training Course

I am happy to receive informal enquiries relating to research in any of the above indicated areas.

Media Availability

I am happy to take calls and emails from the media on my research, and am aware of the needs to respond to journalists in a timely manner. Please contact me directly on either or 01400 26 8020.

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