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Our phone lines are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00am to 4.00pm on Fridays. 

When you apply by phone we can normally give you an immediate decision.

Check our tips on what you need to have with you when you call.

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You can use our online form to apply for your Clearing place anytime, day or night. If you're an international student and you can't find your qualification on the form please use the text box to type in your qualification details.

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At the bottom of each of our Clearing web pages you'll see our friendly Clearing chatbot. During office hours you can connect to our live chat service through this chatbot.

Live chat is open during the same hours as our Clearing phone line:

  • Thursday 18 August (A level / T level results day): 8.00am to 8.00pm
  • Friday 19 August: 8.00am to 7.00pm
  • Saturday 20 August: 10.00am to 3.00pm
  • Sunday 21 August: Live chat is closed

When you apply through our live chat we can normally give you an immediate decision.


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Not getting the exam results you expected is stressful, but don't worry, you're not alone. Every year thousands of people just like you find a new path through Clearing. 

If you're not sure that you're ready to apply yet, or you'd just like to talk through your options, you can still give us a call or chat to us online. We're here to help. You could also check out our tips on how to manage your stress during Clearing

Call 023 9284 8090 from the UK or +44 9284 8090 from outside the UK.

How does Clearing work?

Anyone can apply directly to us through Clearing, even if you hold an offer from another university or you haven't applied through UCAS yet.

Clearing accommodation

Once you have firmly accepted your place to study here, we'll email you within 24 hours to invite you to apply for accommodation. Our supportive Student Housing team will advise you and support you to find accommodation that's right for you.

Your Clearing accommodation guide

Work out your UCAS points

Course entry requirements are often shown as UCAS points. If your results are different to what you expected use our UCAS points calculator to quickly work out your UCAS points total.

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Learn more about Clearing from our students

Jason: Clearing is an experience that loads of students go through. Talhaa: This is especially for when you don't get the results that you expected. Jordan: It's a backup plan or a support system. Lucy: But it is actually quite a good opportunity to turn that into a positive and actually look at what is happening and where you can go.

Jordan: Anyone can go through Clearing. So people who don't achieve the grades that they wanted to achieve when applying to university. Jason: People who apply for university after the UCAS deadline. Rebecca: Or simply just change their mind and want to apply for university later on in the stage. 

Jason: So, first of all, you need to go on the UCAS track on results day to see if you're in Clearing. Rebecca: Have a look at the universities that you think you might like to go to and the courses that you might like to study.

Jordan: Once you're happy with your course and university you can reserve your place. Talhaa: You can find their phone number either on their university website or on the UCAS website. Jason: Take time and do research before making a decision. You could get advice from friends family and teachers.

Find out what people love about living in Portsmouth

Cerys: When I first came to the open day for Portsmouth, I instantly fell in love with it. 

Imogen:  It's got such a really friendly atmosphere, even though it's a city it's quite a small city, so it feels really welcoming and homely. 

Andy:  I think Portsmouth is very forward-thinking. 

Joanne:  It's got a real independent spirit about it. 

Antony:  With the waterfront, the historic dockyard, a really good mix of nationalities. 

Lee-Anne:  Half my friends are from Nigeria, other half are from places like Czech Republic, and it's very interesting to meet new people.

Steve:  There's lots of cultural events, there's art galleries, there's music venues. 

Ben:  There's a great restaurant scene and a great nightlife scene as well. 

Claire:  There's always new things popping up, new restaurants, new art shops, new things. 

Gareth:  Entertainment activities in terms of lots of bars and restaurants and loads of cool places to eat. 

Anthony:  And then there's so many shows you've got kite festivals. 

Rikki:  Food festivals. 

Anthony:  Big one that really helps the town is Victorious Festival and I think they're on their tenth year next year. 

Connie: It is such a really lovely community. 

Simon:  And I think after you've been here a while, you feel part of the community. 

Erin:  The mood is just unrivalled. You've got the beach. There's also a nice sense of community. 

Megan:  The community feel just makes you feel like you're at home, away from home. 

Rikki:  I think it's got a really good mix of independent businesses. 

Luke: There's so many local independent businesses. 

Daniel:  You can walk everywhere. 

Samantha:  When the sun is shining, there is nowhere better than Portsmouth. 

Holly:  You're only ever five/ten minute walk away from the seafront. 

Antony:  It's a very cosmopolitan city. It's got so much to offer. 

Nehanda: Commercial Road, you have the city centre and the hub where it's all lively.  

Nathan:  Student nightlife is really, really good. Lots of nightclubs. Lots stuff to do. 

Nehanda:  But then as soon as you come to Southsea it's more like a lazy seaside town like you get to go to the beach. 

Samantha:  You just have to go down to the beach or the common on a sunny day and everyone's having picnics. It's just beautiful. 

Holly:  Or you can enjoy the pubs and the clubs or the theatre in the main city centre. 

Gareth:  I love that kind of vibrancy of the city. 

Lee-Anne:  The weather is milder than other parts of England, so if you're someone who doesn't really want it to be cold, always, it's perfect here. It will rain, but it's still perfect. 

Antony:  I think that it's the perfect place to come and study a degree. 

Gareth:  I love it. I would highly recommend it for anyone. 

Eliska: It's a big enough city to not be afraid to express yourself, but it's also small enough to be heard. 


What our students say

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"My advice for others going through Clearing is not to worry. Just because your plans have changed it isn't the end of the world. "

Guy Harrison, BSc (Hons) Biology

Read more stories from students who joined us in Clearing.

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Find out what it's really like to live and study in Portsmouth from our students.

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