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Enhance your business with our next generation of talent

Grow your business with the latest industry skills and research by recruiting our students and graduates.

Are you looking for new graduates to bring the latest skills and knowledge to your business – or for flexible, part-time staff to support your team? 

When you work with our students and graduates, you'll get direct support from the University. Our Careers and Employability Service has a team of Graduate Recruitment Consultants to guide you through the recruitment process, and an online platform where you can advertise part-time jobs. You can also contact our placement officers to find placement students eager to apply their studies to the workplace.

As well as bringing new skills to your business, working with our students and graduates will also raise your profile among our current students as a proactive graduate employer. Offering work placements and part-time jobs can even speed up your recruitment process, by introducing you to potential graduate job candidates before they graduate.

Benefits of working with our students and graduates

Recruit our graduates

If you're a large corporation or a small-to-medium sized (SME) organisation, you can get support from our Graduate Recruitment Consultants to attract and hire our graduates.

Our Graduate Recruitment Consultants can help you advertise your jobs, pre-screen candidates and negotiate job offers. You'll also get support to raise your profile across the University through our recruitment fairs and employer skill sessions.

Discover the benefits of recruiting our graduates by contacting us at graduaterecruitment@port.ac.uk or on +44 (0)2392 842 684.

Government funded graduate recruitment

Government funding through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Scheme is available to support projects undertaken by a graduate that can help a business tackle a particular issue guided by University of Portsmouth academic expertise and facilities. If you would like more details of the KTP Scheme please contact our Research and Innovation Services on ris@port.ac.uk or 02392846191.

Offer a work placement

When you recruit a placement student, your business benefits from their enthusiasm to put their knowledge into practice in the workplace. Placement students are keen to develop their employability skills and can be a great solution to temporary staff vacancies, and for easing staff workloads.

When you choose to offer a work placement, you'll get support from one of our 5 placement teams who specialise in different industry sectors. Talk to our placement teams today to bring new ideas and skills your organisation.

Advertise part-time or seasonal jobs

Are you looking for students who can work flexible hours on a part-time basis or in peak seasons? Many of our students work alongside their studies and apply the skills and knowledge from their degree to their workplace.

Find out how to advertise jobs to our students on our jobs board. You can also contact us at jobsboard@port.ac.uk or on +44 (0)2392 843 638 to discuss your part-time/seasonal recruitment needs.

Get skilled support for your architecture project or your business

We like our students to learn by doing. We offer a number of projects where our students engage with local businesses to help solve real-life business issues.

Our students are up to date with the latest tools, skills and knowledge in their chosen field. When you take part in a learning project with our students you're gaining a great deal of energy and knowledge, normally at no cost to your business.

If you run a small to medium sized business, students involved in our Business Consultancy Project can give you the extra resources you need to improve your business. Students have previously consulted on marketing plans, making businesses more sustainable, optimising internal processes, competitor analysis and more.

If you'd like to get to know your customers better and have more data to make evidence-based marketing decisions our postgraduate marketing students can help you through our Consumer Research Project.

If you need expert advice on a new architecture project, get in touch with our in-house architectural consultancy. The qualified team of staff and students consider any projects, in any location.

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