The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares an update from PONToon, a University of Portsmouth research project that seeks to fuse digital technologies and creative industries with existing support services to improve access to employment opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds.

boredomresearch collaboration with Aspex gallery

Over the past few months, artistic duo Vickey Isley and Paul Smith of boredomresearch have spent time with Aspex Gallery, completing an artist residency as part of the PONToon project.

During their time at Aspex, boredomresearch focused on researching ideas and running workshops based around using open-source software to promote the social, human and cultural capital of our participants.

A key aspect of boredomresearch’s residency was the designing of workshops for groups of young women in order to increase their social capital. By applying principles and concepts taken from the Human Generosity Project, Vicky and Paul aimed to enhance the resources that individuals were able to call on through their relationships with others.

Centred on digital skills, the workshops sought to increase confidence in participants, using digital tools to bolster human capital – the ability of humans to engender economic value through their knowledge, social attributes and personality traits such as creativity – by providing skills relevant to contemporary culture and work to deliver on the values of PONToon.

The workshops also focused on enhancing cultural capital by exposing participants to positive attitudes and beliefs, within the dynamic context of Aspex itself, thus helping to reinforce rich personal values, supporting positive social integration and growth.

Experiencing technology through Creative play, with the Freedom to explore digital tools within a mutually supportive structure, allowing for collective growth

Creative play allows learning without teaching, and is central to creating positive experiences in relation to technology.

Freedom is important for the ownership of achievements, developing confidence and allowing for the development of personal incentives.

Emphasis on promoting mutually supportive exchanges between participants will enhance resilience and independence through managed interdependence.

Collective experience provides opportunities for strong interpersonal connections that act as a powerful risk mitigation strategy for the individual.

To find out more information about PONToon, visit their website

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