The South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SCCoE)

  • 07 January 2020
  • 5 min read

On 4 October 1957, Sputnik 1 was successfully launched and entered low earth orbit. The first artificial satellite collected and relayed data for 22 days before the batteries were finally drained of power, propelling the world into a new era dominated by rapid technological advances. More than 60 years later, we have almost 2000 satellites orbiting the planet enabling many aspects of our daily lives. How we navigate our environment, observe our world and communicate with friends and family has been transformed by space technology.

The potential opportunities resulting from satellite technologies are vast with many companies recognising the value from a range of satellites, including those focused on earth observation, GPS and communication. Funded by ESA, Deimos Space UK have explored the use of satellites for supporting marine operations to monitor offshore windfarms. Nokia Bell Labs joined forces with the University of Turin to develop “happy maps”: a project looking at how to make city life more enjoyable for dwellers using crowdsourced satellite data. Archangel Imaging is combining satellite communication and machine learning algorithms to monitor at-risk wildlife populations in remote areas.

The South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SCCoE) is one of five regional Centres located across the UK created to help businesses and academics explore and exploit satellite technologies to truly realise the ‘possible’. Hosted by the University of Portsmouth, and co-funded with the Satellite Catapult and the UK Space Agency, the SCCoE is supported by a unique consortium of academic, industrial, government and third-sector partners from across the region. We are also incredibly lucky to have on hand, Tom Greenwood, the ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador giving us key insights for future funding.

Our mission is to develop collaborative projects; link expertise; identify and attract funding; share information and provide network opportunities. Recognising the strengths across the South Coast, we are especially keen to embed and grow satellite applications in Transport & Logistics, Autonomous Systems, and Offshore Assets while utilising cutting-edge technological developments in Artificial Intelligence, Earth Observation & Navigation, and Communications.

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Author – Louise Butt

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