Episode 4: Sorina Toltica and Danielle Hayter – Inspire me to take my studies to the next level

Graduate and PhD student Sorina smiling in graduation gown

Graduates Sorina and Danielle dispel myths and discuss their experiences studying PhDs at Portsmouth

  • 23 September 2019
  • 37 min listen

The thought of studying for a PhD can seem like a daunting prospect to most of us and we may assume that someone studying for one is particularly clever or academically minded. You might have questions about how they fit into university life? Are they considered a student or professional? Why would you study for a PhD and what happens next if you do study for one?  

Sorina and Danielle are both graduates of the University of Portsmouth and are now studying for a social science PhD here, due to complete in 2021. They will talk to us about their experiences and help us to dispel some of the myths. They have been awarded a scholarship with the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership which is a collaboration between the University of Southampton, Brighton and Portsmouth. The aim of the collaboration is to deliver the latest developments in training in research methods and skills to produce highly qualified and rounded social scientists, equipped to meet contemporary economic and social challenges.

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