Our research is helping answer pressing questions facing society and the planet.

Working with industry and academic partners, and across our 5 faculties, our researchers are leading their fields and creating impact.

Whether we're developing better methods to prevent drowning at sea, discovering an enzyme to tackle plastic pollution, studying the origins of the planet and the Universe, or exploring new ways to care for vulnerable people, our research is making the world a better place. Discover our research areas below.

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Explore the work we're doing in other research areas across the University.



Accounting plays an integral role in the stability and development of economies and financial markets all over the world.

Architecture, Interiors and Urbanism

We're researching the latest methods, technology and ideas to build smart cities of the future and preserve historical architecture.

Area Studies

We're exploring international relations, history, politics, economies, cultures, languages and geography across specific regions.

Art and Design: History, Theory and Practice

We're researching image making, visual communication and design, solving problems through active experimentation, and analysing images and visual processes.

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Biological Sciences

We're exploring how to treat genetic disorders, identifying novel targets for drugs and searching for advances in treatments that could impact millions.

Business and Management

We're investigating the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in an uncertain global economy as well as how to improve business sustainability and implement new products and services.

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Civil Engineering

Explore the work we're doing across our areas of expertise in Civil Engineering research, including environmental technology and management, and building design, construction management and surveying.


We're exploring aspects and implementation methods of information systems that can help organisations while ensuring their cyber security.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

We're researching the fundamental laws of physics, including gravity and the nature of spacetime, and how this effects the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies.


We're researching how to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute crime to keep up with the changing nature of crimes.

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Dental and Oral Health

We're developing evidence-based health care for patients and the wider community, and higher-quality education for dental teams.

Development Studies

Work with governments, communities & people to encourage growth in stagnant economies, & develop the sustainable technology to provide resources to developing countries.

Digital and Creative Technologies

We're researching the next technological advances in animation, visual effects (VFX), cross reality (XR), user experience (UX), computer and video games, and visual computing.

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

We're researching our planet and the evolution of life, from the very beginning to the present day, to better understand the future.


We're researching how people, businesses, societies and nations manage and allocate scarce resources such as land, labour or capital.


We're researching what education looks like for different groups of people around the globe, while pushing for social justice and the human rights agenda worldwide.

Energy and Electronic Engineering

We're researching how to explore methods and theories in energy and electronic engineering, and their application to real problems.

English Literature

We're researching how literature provides insight and understanding into the lives of other individuals, communities and cultures.

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Film and Media

We're exploring how film and other forms of screen media shape societal attitudes and beliefs, and informs our daily lives.


We're looking into the health of the global economy, the wellbeing of individuals, the performance of big and small businesses, and using capital.

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Health Informatics

We're finding ways to ease the pressure on the health and social care services by advancing how information technology can help people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Health and Care Professions

We're exploring managing the demands of an ageing population, rising numbers of mental health problems, and increasing complex, long-term health problems.


We're understanding our society through the study of experiences, culture, values and activities of people throughout history.

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Journalism, Communication and Creative Writing

We're researching how media can be used by organisations, institutions and people to benefit society, how we consume media, and how the media's influence can be abused.

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We're exploring the many ways that laws and the legal system shape society and affect the daily lives of people at all levels within it.


We're looking beyond words to explore how they're used in certain contexts, and the relationship words can have with social constructs such as class or power.

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We're researching existing and emerging business models and consumer segments to give businesses insight into their markets, customers and more.


We're delving into the mathematical complexity behind the processes and functions all around us, to develop solutions to problems in science and industry.

Mechanical Engineering

Explore the work we're doing across our areas of expertise in Mechanical Engineering research.

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Operational Research and Logistics

Our research brings together our maths, technology, business and industrial experts to answer complex questions that face organisations.

Organisation Studies and Human Resource (HR) Management

We're investigating the practices, processes and structures of organisations, including how they evolved and the way that organisational change is moving.

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Performance, Theatre and Music

We're conducting research which feeds into governmental and parliamentary inquiries, such as employment and data protection.

Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences

We're improving our understanding of how the body functions, how disease effects these functions, and the genetic and molecular drivers for illness.

Physical and Human Geography

We're researching physical and human geography and the causes and effects of social and environmental crises, and finding solutions to these problems.


We're working to find solutions to global issues like climate change, infrastructure, transportation and new energy sources.

Politics and International Relations

We're exploring pressing issues in politics and international relations and working with organisations, governments and individuals to find solutions.


We're exploring topics from child development of social skills to eye witness testimony, and from the evolution of primate facial expressions to factors affecting drug use.

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We're studying the patterns of relationships, social interaction, cultures and communities, and how people live their lives.

Sport and Exercise Science

We're researching sport and exercise science with the goal of enhancing human performance and health.

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Women's and Gender Studies

We're exploring women’s issues and gender issues in social and cultural contexts through time, and how gender is represented in the media.

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