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Our Services Marketing and Tourism research addresses contemporary challenges in any business that provides a service such as tourism, hospitality, car rental and restaurants. These challenges include how to price services appropriately, how to build and maintain a positive online reputation, how to understand tourist behaviour to deliver the best user experience, and how to effectively deploy AI powered Service Robots in the frontline services. We also work on national and social identity in tourism.

One of our Service Marketing and Tourism streams is pricing. Our work focuses on the determinants of consumers’ accommodation choices, the factors behind their willingness to pay and how consumers behave strategically when booking tourism accommodations.

We regularly collaborate on research projects with industry partners. We helped a holiday lettings company, Home Away, increase their market share in Spain by investigating tourists’ decisions and behaviour in the context of hotel and holiday home stays. We conducted segmentation analysis and explored consumer preferences – in terms of services and prices – to help the company target customer segments more effectively.

Using hotel data from several European capital cities, we demonstrated that the more you apply dynamic price variability - or the more you change prices in real time depending on competitor conditions - the higher average revenue. The data for this research was provided by STR Global, a hotel benchmarking service, managing data for almost 7 million hotel rooms.

Our research has been published in journals including the Journal of Service Research, Tourism Management, the Annals of Tourism Research, the Journal of Travel Research, the International Journal of Hospitality Management, and the Journal of Service Marketing. We have also presented papers at international conferences.

We keep our research up to date and recently conducted impact research into Covid-19 and accommodation types. The study considered whether travellers' choices are affected by the need for physical distance.

Our Covid-19 impact research

Partnerships and collaborations

We have a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with Fresh Relevance, a Southampton based global company that creates personalised digital ads. They use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to understand user behaviour. Our research into their algorithms helps to optimise the ads their consumers see and increase sales for their clients. This project is carried out by researchers in the Portsmouth Business School (PBS) and the School of Computing.

Publication highlights

  • We are exploring strategic consumer behaviour in online hotel booking and we showed how strategic decisions vary across segments with different levels of risk attitude > Read more.

  • We are interested in how consumers determine the price they are willing to pay for a service and we recently found that travel frequency affects willingness to pay for the accommodation > Read more.

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