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Specialising in hazards and geo-heritage

Research that helps communities adapt to environmental change and improves sustainability 

The Centre for Applied Geoscience (CAG) brings together applied geoscience research and consultancy activities across four departments. We specialise in the investigation and management of natural and manmade hazards and the conservation of our geo-heritage.

We study our planet – from its oceans and rivers, to its complex geology. We investigate the atmosphere above us, and delve into the depths of our planet's metallic core. We observe how animals and living things — including humans — impact Earth, and measure the past, present, and future behaviour of our planet.

There's never been more of a global focus on improving sustainability, tackling climate change and managing the changes to our planet caused by human activity. Our research has a direct impact on communities, helping them adapt to environmental change and improve the resilience and sustainability of homes, jobs and cultures.

Members of the team are internationally recognised experts in the fields of Engineering Geology & Geomorphology, Geotechnical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Disaster Management and Geographical Analyses.


Work in the Centre for Applied Geosciences covers these areas of expertise:


Along with research commissioned by industrial partners, our work is supported by:

  • Royal Thai Government
  • Government of Greece
  • Federal Government of Nigeria
  • Ministry of Defence (MoD)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
  • Leverhulme Trust
  • National Environment Research Council (NERC)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Ordnance Survey