The Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics (LORA) group is made up of a substantial team of scientists at all career levels, working within the faculties of Business and Law and Technology. They apply their quantitative methodologies to improve decision making across a range of diverse fields of application.

Recently-won EU grants include programming the path of a new prostate cancer treatment robot; assessing smart lighting solutions in public spaces; optimal decisions to preserve cultural heritage; wastewater treatment option assessment; and working with coastguards to ensure safety in the Arctic region. We also have substantial global links and regularly welcome visiting researchers.

Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics (LORA) members conduct and supervise research in the following fields:

  • Distance metric optimisation
  • Goal programming theory and algorithms
  • Goal programming applications
  • Multiple objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Transport and vehicle routing

Explore our research areas of expertise


  • Suite of modelling software and optimisation packages
  • Suite of heuristic techniques for "hard" optimisation problems
  • Simulation software
  • Problem analysis and solving skills
  • Programming and prototype development skills
  • Fresh ideas
  • Funding opportunities