A computer-generated network of nodes

Providing solutions to human-computer interaction


The work of the research team brings together knowledge in computing, image and visual arts. Our research has attracted continuous funding support from both research councils and industry. The group's work has attracted attention from the international community, and established a profile for international student recruitment and research collaboration. The team has had a series of high impact research outputs and industrial products.

We are interested in providing solutions to understanding, reconstructing and processing affective facial and human actions and visual scenes. We explore theoretical and practical frameworks. Our work involves and develops knowledge and technologies in vision, AI, machine learning and computer graphics.

We help machines perceive human motions and emotions through the analysis of facial and human action and cognitive signals, 3D/4D facial reconstruction and animation, and understanding and reconstructing visual scene and environment.

Our research topics cover real-time sensing and 3D vision, facial and human action tracking and perception, geometric processing of human/facial performances, brain-computer interface, affective analysis and object tracking/classification.

The application areas of our research include human-computer interaction, healthcare, entertainment, security, virtual reality and manufacturing.

We have received funding from organisations including EPSRC, EU FP7, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Innovate UK and industrial partners.

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