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Working for a safer future

We're exploring how to protect the physical and electronic security of people, organisations and societies

The modern world presents countless security challenges –and our research across the Security and Risk theme is helping to tackle them.

New security challenges to individuals, societies and global stability are emerging, almost on a daily basis, adding to conventional, long-standing threats. These range from criminal violence to conflict, fraud and cybercrime; and from nuclear weapon proliferation to ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist acts.

In addition, risks from natural and human-caused disasters continue to disrupt lives and communities on every continent. Earthquakes, typhoons, flooding and drought break down the interconnections that make communal life possible.

The scope of the challenges we face is almost unlimited. The breadth of issues being addressed by experts across the university includes: cybercrime and protection of the elderly and vulnerable; monitoring of coastal erosion in Pacific Islands; flood risk across the UK; landslide and infrastructure risk in Dominica, following Hurricane Maria; policing and forensics; military drone use in Iraq, Syria and beyond; and insurgencies around the world, and more.

Under the leadership of Professor Peter Lee, the Security and Risk Theme is committed to generating new and innovative solutions to some of the most important challenges of our time.


The Peace, Conflict and Security Research Group

Working in tandem with the Risk and Security Theme, this interdisciplinary research group focuses on the intertwined fields of peace, security and conflict studies.

Drawing on expertise from across the University – including from our satellite team at RAF Cranwell – it offers an innovative forum for sharing research, knowledge and best research practice in the field of peace, security and conflict.

Colleagues in the group are working on areas as diverse as:

  • (inter alia) state, regime and human security
  • gender and security
  • remote warfare
  • terrorism and counter-terrorism studies
  • the changing nature of warfare
  • peacekeeping
  • cyber security and cyber crime
  • the security-development nexus
  • French security policy in Africa

The group has also established links with UK policymakers and think-tanks, such as Chatham House, and works closely with the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies (University of Ibadan, Nigeria).

Related research areas of expertise

The cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty Security and Risk Theme overlaps with many of our research areas of expertise, including the following:

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