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Advice for PGR students

See answers to our frequently asked questions from postgraduate research degree students

The priorities of the University and the Graduate School are the safety and wellbeing of students and staff and the continuation of our research and education activities.

Further details of how we support PGRS and their research during the Covid-19 pandemic can be found on the Graduate School Covid-19 Moodle page.

Please email the Graduate School at or the Graduate School Development Programme (GSDP) at if you have any further questions.


Postgraduate research students

For researchers, any enhanced risks associated with Covid-19 (e.g. researching where there may be vulnerable people; research conducted in small spaces without good ventilation) should be dealt with through the usual Faculty Research Ethics procedure (and the associated risk assessment).

Although research on-campus should be returning to normal, research conducted off campus may still be restricted in some ways.

In general, arrangements such as annual reviews, major reviews, and vivas have returned to the format used before the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were introduced.

The experience of online vivas has been positive, and these will be allowed to continue in most cases. Please discuss these arrangements with your supervisor. 

Graduate School Development Programme (GSDP) Sessions

The Graduate School will continue to offer the full Graduate School Development Programme (GSDP) online until at least January 2022, and have expanded our range of events in response to changing needs over the last 18 months. From February 2022 the plan is for most sessions to have a live element, with online or blended alternatives where possible.

GProf Sessions

All PGRs who will be teaching at UoP in any form must apply for GProf and attend the initial Orientation session before they work with students. To accommodate students working on campus or remotely, there are face-to-face and online sessions available. The application form and booking information can be found on the GProf Moodle page

Research Supervision Events (RSE)

We will continue to offer the Research Supervision Events online until January 2022. A full list of our supervision workshops can be found on our events page.

Most Graduate School workshops for supervisors have good resources online, including videos of previous sessions, links, and for mandatory/required sessions we have full online training packages. Please see the Graduate School research supervision events page for more information.

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