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Short courses, workshops and seminars

We run regular professional development courses, workshops and seminars on topics from starting a business to managing stress and achieving a work-life balance.

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Core knowledge

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Accurate assessment of property age is fundamental to effective appraisal and reporting. This short course and walking tour describes a structured process to assist property professionals in assessing the age of a residential property based on its external appearance.

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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Training is the process of teaching a person or a group of people to do something new, or do something better. And, every businesses needs brilliant trainers who know how to deliver a training session that creates impact with employees.

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Monday 4 October 2021

This course will provide you with a detailed understanding of how to write a clear digital marketing strategy that is concise, targeted and appropriate to your target audience.

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Monday 1 November 2021

This course will focus on the key components of the Google PageRank algorithm and how to leverage them more effectively for better search results. This will include the use of keywords, onsite search tactics, link building, copywriting, social signals, and page speed amongst many other tools and techniques. 

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Monday 6 December 2021

On this course you'll learn how to write a succinct social media strategy, a social media content plan and how to choose the social media channels that best fit your organisation.  

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Monday 10 January 2022

With more than 50% of audiences using mobile devices to access the Web, more and more website owners are developing mobile-first strategies for design, layout and content. In this practical workshop you’ll explore website design from a usability and user experience perspective.

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Wednesday 16 March 2022

This short course will explore how to inspire and instil strong team values among employees. On this course you'll learn how to create a strong team environment and the tools necessary to ensure that your team is performing to the best of its ability.

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Updates and emerging issues

Tuesday 18 January 2022

This course will provide an update on recent changes to health and safety legislation and current priorities, as well as a refresher on key principles and practices.

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Wednesday 11 May 2022

This course will give you valuable tools that can be used to engage with ‘empowered customers’.

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Wednesday 17 November 2021

Join us at the ‘Essential Updates and Moving Forward 2022' conference to keep informed of upcoming regulatory shifts, new building safety, and energy efficiency requirements.

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